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Frequently Asked Questions

three men and a truck

Will my property be insured during the move?

We offer damage insurance for all items that we personally move. The moving specialist that handles your move will be able to detail the coverage amount and what will be covered during your move.

How far in advance should I get an estimate?

We advise our customers to contact us at least 4 weeks prior to the date you need to move. The more time we have, the better chance we will be able to schedule your move on the day that you need it.

How can I get an estimate for a move?

You can fill out the fast quote form on our website and a moving specialist will contact you shortly. You can also contact us by calling: 888-908-6496.

Will I be charged for the estimate?

No! All moving estimates with Three Men And A Truck are free for our customers.

Can you suggest a good time for a move?

The busiest times of the year for movers are during the summer and at the end of each month as well as at the end of the year. Trying to schedule a move may cost less and be easier to schedule if you are planning a move when it is a slower time of year. Three Men And A Truck will always offer the most affordable and highly competitive rates!

Will I need to be at my home or office when the movers arrive?

You need to be present when the movers arrive to pack or load your property and will need to be present when they arrive at the new location. We have paperwork that must eb filled out by the customer at the time of arrival and departure. If you will not be able to be present you will be expected to have a reliable adult (at least aged 18) to sign the paperwork in your absence. You will need to let your moving specialist know this prior to the scheduled date of the move.

Can you move my car?

Yes, we can arrange to have your car, truck, van or other motor vehicle moved as well as your household or office property.

Will my car be moved with the moving truck?

There may be times when we can arrange to have the car towed with the moving truck. I most cases however, your car will need to be towed on an auto transport carrier. You can speak to your moving specialist to arrange car transport services.

Is there anything that I am restricted from moving?

We cannot move your family pets, plants, flammables including gasoline, motor oil or other flammable material. You will also want to load items such as medication, toiletries and other liquids into your personal car to move. Jewelry and other valuables including money should be taken with you and not loaded onto the moving truck. These items may of course be packed, but it is always advisable to keep valuable items on you personally and not left inside a moving truck.

Can I store my furniture?

If you will need to store your household furnishings, office material and equipment, automobiles or other items, we offer storage options throughout the United States and have highly competitive rates nationwide. You will need to consult with your moving specialist to inquire about storage in your location.